Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ranting # 2


The characters of Anohana and Ao Haru Ride excellently portrays people's friendship goals.And I must say that I am so envy of them. First, yes I have friends. And second I still feel lonely. What I think that we should do, we cannot do. I can't just force them to do it because I want to. I have to ask them first if they're okay with it.

Plus, in my country, we're not that kind of a planner like Ao Haru Ride. The last episode of the anime made me really jealous because at Summer Vacation, they're planning on what they want to do during the vacation in a cafe. We can't do that here in my country. It's tiring and troublesome. Plus, we are not allowed to go places because people might say that we're . . . You know.

And one thing that made me really jealous of the anime that I've said is the part where I can tell them anything I want. I can't tell them what I feel because they might say something about me. And I have this feeling that our friendship might end. I can't take the risk.

I have always dreamed of wanting my friends to be with me. Like your husband wanting to be with you until you die? That kind of friendship. But it seems I can't find those people. Yes, instead of waiting for your special someone, I'm looking for friends that I can be with. Friends who I can tell them what I feel.

I feel so lonely... I can't find people...

So remember this, If you found people you can share thingsand be with them as long as you want (next to your family of course) you're a lucky person.


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